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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A day without TV.... (and a new bike!)

So last night, Josh says to me "let's not watch tv tomorrow. let's find something else to do together, like play a game or something." I was a bit hesitant, but said ok, why not.
So today, I woke up... and I had the day off... He did say just no tv after he got home from work, but I decided that I had a lot of cleaning and stuff that needed to be done. So I cleaned, (so much that Josh walked in and was like "woah!" HAHA) ran to costco, target and the post office, and went online for a while. I didn't turn on the tv at all! and I really didn't miss it too much. =)
When he got home, we went to Walmart to buy him a bike that he really wanted (a really nice mongoose mountain bike.)
I as looking at the bikes, because I wanted a new one. (the one I have is cheap and doesn't ride very well.) They had a really nice red Schwinn Cruiser... and I wanted it. Best part? I got the check in the mail today for the diet test I did for Woman's world magazine... so I used most of it on the bike. It is so nice! Here is a stock picture:

So after we got home, we cleaned up the garage. It was a mess... and we wouldn't have had anywhere to put the new bikes and still be able to walk through... It is amazing what a difference less than an hour working on it made. It looks a hundred times better!
After that, we decided to test out the new bikes, and after the proper adjustments were made, we rode to Starbucks (a little over 1/2 mile, we think) treated ourselves to a small frappuccino, and then rode home and played a game of scrabble.
Now we are in bed, and getting ready to go to sleep!
It was a nice day, and the best part? We didn't waste any of it mindlessly sitting in front of the TV! and we got some exercise! We decided we are going to do that at least once a week. You should try it sometime! =)


Prep-E Girl said...

I want a bike just like that!!!

Walmart you say?


Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is a really cute bike. It is amazing how much you can get done, and how much "free time" you can have when you decide to do something like this.

Glad you had fun. I need more exercise!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a very good and productive day!

Lora said...

Most of our fellow Louisiana residents are not only without television, but air conditioning also. NOT THAT IS A CHALLENGE IN HOT & HUMID LOUISIANA. We find ourselves revisiting the art of conversation during periods like this.

Nanee Plainy said...

I love that idea!!! With Adam back in school two nights a week, we should really use the time we have together better...I think a "No TV" night would do just the trick!

Good for you for getting so much done and getting some exercise! I really have got to do SOMETHING about getting more exercise.

Marilee said...

What a great entry and idea. It is amazing what we can accomplish without a TV. I just miss it at bedtime and will def. want it when DWTS starts in a few weeks. We just moved into our house a month ago and haven't called the sattelite guy yet. We have no choice to watch or not to watch but you guys do and more power to ya. Once a week with no TV is a great idea!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Hi, I came across your blog on Puttin on the GRITS and laughed at your comment about not making that much in 3 months. I was thinking the same thing about the price of that meal! :-)

Too funny...and really liked that guy Joshua's thoughts. Good stuff...