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Cloth Diapering

I recently sent this to a friend who is looking into cloth diapering, and I thought I would post it here for anyone else who might be interested!

Some good cloth diaper resource sites: 29 Diapers, Diaper Swappers, The Diaper Pin, and All about cloth diapers

Some good blogs for cloth diaper giveaways: The Cloth Diaper Whisperer, The Cloth Diaper Blog, Etsy Cloth Diapers, and 29 Diapers.

My Favorite Brands: Fuzzibunz, Knickernappies and Thirsties.

Cheap Brands that work, but aren't as high quality: Kawaii Baby (Best quality for the price) Babyland (I got some of these, and they work, but you can tell the quality isn't as good as the more expensive ones.)(Can be found on Ebay)

If you are planning on having more kids and want to save your diapers for the next one(s) I would recommend spending the extra money and getting a stash of better diapers. A good stash may cost between $300-$500, but on average, people spend around $800 a year on disposables! So You are spending more up front, but can save thousands!

If you decide to shop, I highly recommend The Diaper Wagon. I worked with her on a review, and she is the sweetest lady! Super helpful as well! Kelly's Closet is another good store as well. =) (as are the others on my left sidebar! *please note, these are affiliate links*

There are different kinds of Cloth diapers. All the ones I have shown above are Pocket Diapers.

A pocket diaper is a cloth diaper that has a waterproof shell lined with fleece or microfleece, and an opening at the front or back of the diaper between these two layers creates a pocket you can stuff cloth inserts into in order to adjust the absorbency of the diaper. Pockets are my favorites, they dry faster than some other types, are moderate in price range, and it is easy to adjust the absorbancy to your baby's needs.

There are also All in Ones (AIO): a cloth diaper that has an absorbent core sewn into a waterproof cloth shell. Absorbency is not adjustable, but sometimes the size of the cover is adjustable. These diapers tend to be the priciest of the bunch.

All in Twos (AI2): consist of a diaper cover and the kind of terrycloth insert you would find in a pocket diaper. These inserts often snap into the cover, and if the insert is only wet, you can snap in a fresh insert and reuse the cover. These tend to be in the higher price range as well.

Prefolds with covers: These are what your mom used to use. They are flat diapers that you have to pin (or use a snappi) These are by far the most economical, but not the most simple. But lots of people swear by them! you can find a variety of covers for them, from the waterproof PUL to wool and fleece, which are breathable, but also keep the moisture in.

There are also fitted diapers. Fitted diapers snap or velcro at the hips to fasten onto baby, but they do not have a waterproof outer layer, so you must use a diaper cover over these. These tend to be on the lower side of the price range as well.

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I know there is so much info to figure out, but the sites above are great
resources! Please let me know if you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them, and help you in any way I can!

*If you offer Cloth diaper giveaways on your blog, have other good resource sites, or want to post your input about your favorite brands, please do! Other opinions are always welcome!*