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Monday, August 11, 2008

Google analytics says....

That I average 30-40 hits a day.

where are you people? =) Say hi!

I love looking at my stats. I have had people visit from The US, Canada, Australia, The UK, Sweden, Malaysia, Austria, Germany, India, Ireland, Laos, Guatemala, Morocco, Singapore and Belgium. Crazy! Tell me where you are from!

People have found my blog through many random google searches:

1. "hyperinflation"+"shoes" came to This Post.
2. "cry over spilled milk myspace" came to This Post.
3. "cvs drug test" came to This Post.
4. "dog "shakes head" playing" came to This Post.
5. "girl gold panning" came to this post.
6. "is it horrible to marry at 18" came to this post somehow...

some of these are pretty random. haha.

so yeah, I want to know who y'all are! Leave me a little note, tell me where you live, who you are! I want to know you!


tata said...

Hi! I found you from Motherhood Uncensored's Blog the Recession post. I've subscribed and visited since :) I'm enjoying the extra hits, too. I hope it continues after August!

I'm in KY, SAHM of 2. I keep a blog myself, it'd be great to see you over there, as well!

Katrine said...

I had one picture on my blog that appeared through google searches day after day. Finally, after about 4 months of that, I deleted the photo. It was freaking me out!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Heeheehee, my favorite search that found my blog was "chubby dutch girl". Umm, yeah, THANK YOU.

**Melissa** said...

My keyword analysis throws in some random stuff too like 'why did the skunk cross the road?' (Which matches one of my titles WORD BY WORD, how weird is that), 'penny pooh' and my highest searched phrase is 'reasons why i miss you'.

I love checking my stats too :-)

speckledpup said...

hi there.
I'm the Pup.
I live in Mid-Missouri.
I'm single right now but have answered yes to a certain question from a certain that's about to change.
I have four children.
No pets.
No plants.
No fooseball table...I'm working on that.