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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good deal of the day

So, I was supposed to start working today at CVS, but They still haven't gotten my drug test results in... bleh. So, since I was up and dressed and had nothing to do at 9am, I decided to run some errands.
First I went to Ross and Target to try and find some shirts for work. We get to wear the nice white coats, so I needed some nicer plain t-shirts that would be comfy to wear under them. I found 3 at Target in some nice bright colors for $6 each on sale. Score!
Then I went to the post office to mail My friend Sara's b-day present, and My Christmas in July Swap partners package. After that I decided to hit Savemart, because I needed to pick up a few things, and I know they mark their meat down on Tuesdays. I scored 3 1.5lb packages of ground beef for $.75 each or less! How sweet is that? So now I have an abundance of ground beef. Anyone have some good recipes to share so I can use it? =)

Anyways, hopefully they will get the drug test results in today or tommorrow morning, because I am tentatively scheduled to work 8 hours tomorrow and We can definitely use the money!


Nanee Plainy said...

Wow! Awesome scores today! I'll keep my fingers crossed that your drug test comes in took mine awhile and I was super ready to start working again.

stephanie said...

The one and only time I had to take a drug test for a job was when I had bronchitis, so I was on all kinds of OTC and prescriptions drugs, which I TOLD them, but still I failed it. That was awkward. I mean, it all worked out, but still. Awkward.