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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"the terrible horrible no good very bad day..."

Ok, so it's not as dreadful as the title makes it look. But today has been a pretty crappy day. It started out with me waking up slightly late (though not late enough to be bad...) and I got online and there was a comment from Josh saying "call me when you read this :-(" I knew it had to do with the job, and I knew it probably wasnt very good news. I was right. I didn't get the job at his school. That made me sad. I had my hopes up so high, and even though I know that things will work out, when you get your hopes up that high about something, and then it all comes crashing down, it sucks.
So then I had to drive to work, and the fog was super thick. big deal. at least there were no accidents, and I only had to encounter about 2 stupid drivers.
Once I got to work, I got to talk to Josh longer today then normal, which was the highlight of my day. :-) He has the ability to make me smile no matter how crappy I am feeling. So I am at work, and Reggie (I'm sorry, it's Regina now) comes in. I knew that the change was official (at least namewise) yesterday, but to see him/her in women's clothes is another thing. And I can't bring myself to call her Regina or Gina like she/he wants. I am so confused. It's just so wierd and akward to me. I mean, I am not judging her, and in no way am I going to ignore or be rude, it's just hard, ya know?
But yeah. and on top of all that, I am still sick... my nose is runny, my ears are still plugged, and I almost feel like I might be getting an ear infection for the first time in forever. I hate those! blah.
So yeah, that is the extent of my bad day so far.... hopefully it ends at that. That would be nice. I finished my marketing quiz, and got an 88%, so that was pretty good. After work I am going to go work out at Curves, then Sarah is going to come over and hang out, and we are gonna watch American Idol. :-) I admit... I love that show! hehe. so thats my day.
In other things.... I applied for a bunch more jobs today. (since I didn't get that other one.) I am soooo praying that I can find another good paying job. God obviously had a reason that I didn't get that other one, and I am really hoping it's not because he doesnt want me out there at this time, because that would suck. I want to be there with Josh more than anything right now. I just want him to be able to hold me when I am having a bad day like today, and tell me he loves me in person, and yeah.... I hate long distance. I hate the fact that I am so impatient.
He is so good to me. He treats me like a queen. he cares about me, and he shows it in everything he says and does. I love him. I am gonna marry him. Now I just gotta get out there to be with him....

so, until later...


Katrina said...

Oh yeah... and I got a papercut in between my fingers. That sucks. :-p

Juice said...

I love you too and want nothing more than to make you my bride.