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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BTB Event: Swim Trainer Review!

I recently got the chance from Thanks Mama to review their SwimTrainerThis wonderful swim ring has been created by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY in Germany over 10 years ago and is enjoyed by parents and their kids in 50 countries worldwide. It comes in 3 sizes and is intended to be used as a three stage learning system. You start by helping your infant to feel good and secure in the water and continue by teaching older kids how to move in the water in correct swimming position. The adjustable belt and 5 air chambers help prevent slip through.  The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is made of PVC and is phthalate free. 

We got one of these to use for Ellie, and we really like it! I love that it keeps her head out of the water, but she doesn't have to hold on, and the ring stays on her, preventing accidents. It is a great tool for babies and toddlers who don't know how to swim yet! I would definitely recommend it!

(sorry I don't have any pictures of Ellie in it... I am usually in the pool with her and forget to ask someone to take some for me!)

Remember to never leave your child unattended in the water, follow instructions and stay in the arms reach whenever you use SWIMTRAINER or any similar product!

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