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Monday, June 18, 2012

Doctor's appointment update

So I had a Doctor's appointment today, and when I told the midwife I was still thinking it was twins because of how sick I was compared to the past two pregnancies, she said she had the time, so what the heck, and pulled in the little ultrasound machine.

Baby was laying perpendicular to my spine, making it impossible to see anything but the top of his/her head, but there was only one baby, and it was wiggling around lots!

The other thing the midwife noticed is that I have a fibroid that is about the same size as the baby in my uterus. She said that it is probably what has been causing all the extra nausea. She also said that it shouldn't be anything to worry about, and they will just monitor it (which means extra ultrasounds!) to make sure it isn't hindering the baby's growth. She said it doesn't look like it is in a position to where it would create a need for a c-section, so that is good! Overall, it shouldn't cause any problems, and won't need to be treated. Since they are hormone fed, it will continue to grow through the pregnancy, and hopefully will shrink afterwards.

Has anyone else had fibroids while pregnant? what was your experience like?

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