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Monday, June 18, 2012

BTB Event: Diaper Palz Review and great discount code!

I have been needing a new diaper pail liner for a while now. I only had one, and it had a tendency to fall into the pail because there was nothing holding it on the edge. And then on laundry day, dirty diapers would stack up on the bathroom counter while I waited for it to be washed.

When Diaper Palz agreed to work with me on a review, I was really excited! They didn't tell me what they were sending me, but I was very happy when the mail came and I had not one, but two great items!

The first thing they sent me was exactly what I wanted! A Pail Liner! Their pail liners have a generous size of 30 inches tall and a circumference of 54 inches,  and can accommodate a wide variety of containers, with the common 13 gallon/54quart kitchen trash can leading the way. They have a custom elastic on top of the pail liner to hold firmly around any container top. Diaper Palz pail liners come equipt with a loop to tie off the bag and/or use as a hanging pail if you are short on space, and features durable pul that is produced in the USA specifically for Diaper Palz and is mildrew and mold resistant. They are also Pthalate, PVC and Lead FREE. 

I love my pail liner! I love the elastic around the top, it does not come off! and the little elastic loop is ingenious! I could seal off the top if I needed to!It is very well made, and works great! I will almost definitely buy from Diaper Palz next time I need another liner!

The next thing they sent was a Large Wet Bag.  Diaper Palz large wet bags are a generous 25 inches tall with a circumference of 40 inches, and do best hanging from a door knob or edge of changing table.They have a lead free zipper, so all your stinky diaper smells are contained! They also have a snapable loop handle making hanging easy!

This Large wet bag is so nice! I put a diaper on it to show how big it is. It would be great for traveling because it will hold a lot of diapers, and is closeable! It works great, is well made and the color is so fun!

If you are in the market for a wet bag or pail liner, I highly recommend Diaper Palz! And they have generously offered my readers a great discount code!

It is good for 23% off your order! That's a huge discount! Just use code mrsjuicebox. 

Disclaimer: I was provided free products in exchange for my honest opinion. The free items did not influence my opinions at all. 

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