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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday 4/11/12

I was so good with my eating this week.... but I guess being newly pregnant and my body preparing itself and beginning to grow a new life just made it almost impossible to lose anything! So I was a little stuck...

Last week's weight: 224
This week's weight: 223
Total weight loss: 22 lbs.

I know that you shouldn't diet while you are pregnant, but technically I am not. I have changed my eating habits and am eating a lot healthier, which is leading to the weight loss. I plan on exercising and sticking to my healthy eating as much as I can, (allowing myself a few treats, especially when the cravings hit...) So I will continue to do the weekly weigh in just to help myself keep track of my weight. I lost a little at the beginning of both my previous pregnancies, and then only gained 15 pounds with each, so I am not planning to let myself gain much, and am hoping to just get healthier and hopefully keep losing some weight!

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