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Thursday, March 29, 2012

i Play babywear Review!

I was recently sent a fleece pullover for Ellie from to review!

I Have to say, it is so cute and soft, that I want one for myself!

From their site:
Founded in 1982, i play. focuses on values that prioritize protecting our children and the Earth. Our company has always been about doing the best thing, the right thing for babies. We are committed to leadership in continually learning about product materials and potential health and safety issues concerning these materials. In 2003 we discovered the use of PVC in baby products. We researched and educated ourselves about the dangers of PVC and ensured that all of our products were PVC-free. In 2006 we learned about similar concerns over BPA, a petroleum-based hormone disrupter, and quickly eliminated it from our green sprouts® products. Now we are researching petroleum-free materials and other healthy ways to take care of babies and toddlers.

Some choices we offer include materials that encourage healthy development from the inside and the outside:


• Natural, non-petroleum materials such as plant starch, plant fiber, wood, and cotton

• Non-petroleum materials such as glass, silicone and stainless steel

• BPA-free plastics such as Polypropylene (PP)


• Natural fibers such as cotton and plant-based non-wovens

• Organic cotton which promotes sustainable farming

• PVC-free waterproof materials such as EVA and polyurethane coated polyesters and nylon

• Sun protective fabrics of UPF 50+

• Flexible and breathable fabrics for active play

Our products undergo extensive testing and conform to all US ASTM, FDA and CPSIA standards. We believe it is a company's responsibility to monitor the quality and safety of their products.
We design our products in Asheville, NC and work with independently-owned factories in China, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan. We adhere to fair labor and environmentally-responsible standards.
We know that parents’ needs for their children are varied, so we’re always looking for choices to help make parenting easier and more fun. That is why we make baby-friendly i play.® and green sprouts® products for little ones.

Go Check them out and see all the neat products they offer!

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