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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday 2/8/12

Another week has passed, and I feel like I have been stuck for a couple weeks, but after cheating on sunday and eating pizza (and feeling so tired the next day) I got back on track, and am finally seeing more results. =)

So, here are my Stats: (starting date: 1/9/12)

Starting Weight: 243
Last week's weight: 233
This week's Weight: 232
Total loss: 11 lbs!

We used a little bit of our tax return to get an xbox (my hubby wanted it so bad!) and we got the kinect, so I ordered a fitness game, and am going to start trying to do that a little bit every day while the kids are sleeping. Hopefully that will help speed up the weight loss!

How did your week go?

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Heather Hinkle said...

Try the Wipeout game for's a workout for sure!!!!!