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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cureology Review!

I was recently sent the Cureology Color care shampoo and re-conditioner to try out. I had heard of cureology before, but have never tried it.

"Cureology Beauty strives to make a difference by presenting consumers with the opportunity to effortlessly take action for worthy causes by purchasing products from our line of premium personal care products.

These products are developed specifically with each charity in mind and branded appropriately to help create additional publicity and awareness. These would not be promotional items nor limited run, but exist as independent cause based brands under the Cureology Beauty umbrella.

Cureology Beauty pledges a significant amount of the proceeds from each cause based brand to the various charities it partners with and is looking for rewarding, satisfying long-term relationships to help find cures.

Cureology Beauty’s primary focus and mission is to give back and bring greater attention and awareness to various charities and foundations in their quests. Advocacy begins with each of us, and with each purchase of a Cureology product you are making a donation to help improve the world around us.

The Cureology Beauty Hair Care line utilizes only the purest natural ingredients, resulting in healthy and vibrant hair while contributing to a meaningful and worthwhile cause - finding a cure for breast cancer."

So besides giving to charity, why should you use cureology?

Cureology is free of sulfates, sodium chloride, aluminum, paraben, synthetic fragrances, carcinogens, neurotoxics, glycols, phthalates, chelating agents, SLS & SLES, ureas, PVP, Acrelates, formaldehyde, DEA, dioxins, petrochemicals, chlorphenesin, FD&C or D&C, benzyl alcohol, DMDM, chemical sunscreens and triclosan!

Cureology products are 100% Natural!
They are green and sustainable, Organic, Natural, renewable, vegan, ultra-purified water, antioxidants, anti-aging and essential oils. They use all natural botanicals and vitamins, are post consumer recyclable, cruelty free and earth friendly!

So, how do they work?
I think they work great! My hair felt clean and soft, and was very manageable and not tangled after I got out of the shower. I really like them! The only thing I wasn't super crazy about was the scent. I thought the shampoo smelled a little like a men's scent. But, the conditioner smelled better, and I didn't get out of the shower smelling like a man, so that's good!

Want to check it out for yourself? Head over to Cureology!

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