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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday 2/15/12

This week has been a rough one... I'm not gonna lie. I cheated on sunday while baking too many yummy treats, and then Monday afternoon it was just so hard to stay on track because Ellie spent most of the day fussing, and I was just not in the best mood, and didn't want to think about what to eat. I managed to stay mostly on track, but did have 2 truffles I had made (which weren't too bad, just semi-sweet and unsweetened chocolate and condensed milk...) So yeah, my numbers aren't great this week, but at least I maintained! Hopefully I can get back on the ball and stay strong! And no more making chocolates for me!

So, here are my Stats:

Starting Weight: 245
Last week's weight: 232
This week's Weight: 232

Total loss: 13 lbs!

On a plus, I had gotten a coat from my grandma for Christmas, and it was just a little too small, and I couldn't button it... well, I put it on and look!
It fits! Still a little snug, but it buttons up! =) That make me feel really good! It's amazing how much better you can feel about yourself because of something as seemingly small as this.

*If you noticed, I edited my starting weight... I found my official weight watchers weigh in form from weighing in for the Dr. Oz challenge back in November, I think... and it was 245, not 243. =) So I am using that as my starting weight!

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