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Thursday, February 16, 2012


This past weekend we took the kids up to Tahoe to go sledding. I had gotten a groupon deal for a groomed sledding hill, so we thought it would be fun! It was pretty fun despite the fact that Tahoe has a depressing amount of snow right now. The place makes some of their own snow, but it's really only enough to keep the hill from getting muddy. The hill was pretty packed down and slick, and it was a little chaotic.

But, Jack had a blast! He started on the little kiddie hill (Ellie went a couple times with mommy and daddy, and loved it too!) but then I talked him into going on the big hill with me, and he loved it! He would have stayed all day! I was worn out by the time I got to the top of the hill the second time. Then Ellie got really fussy, so we headed home. But it was a fun hour in the snow!

warning: picture overload! (all phone pictures though because I left my camera in the car and didn't want to make the trek back to get it. haha)

Jack sliding down the kiddie hill!

Ellie's first time in the snow!

Wearing mommy's sunglasses!

Walking up the big hill with mommy

Coming down the big hill!

Just chillin with daddy

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