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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Halfway There!

I can't believe that this pregnancy is halfway over! As of last friday I am 20 weeks! (so technically almost 21 weeks) This pregnancy is definitely going by so much faster than the first one!

weight gain: I have only gained 4 pounds

cravings: Random things here and there... the weirdest was easy cheese. and of course, donuts!

movement: I am feeling this baby move around more and more! I love this feeling! By far my favorite part of pregnancy

sleep: unfortunately not the greatest. I have been waking up really early in the morning (2:30-3:30) and having a really hard time going back to sleep

sickness/pain: no sickness, but the aches have been around since I was like 2 months along. so weird. and round ligament pain here and there.

That's about it! This pregnancy has been going well so far! I have set up a guessing game too! I am thinking about a small prize for whoever is closest, so get those guesses in

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Chari said...

ahhh, we're the same in the sleep dept :-( I've been staying awake for at least 2 hours. I've decided next time I'm just going to get up for 2 hours and work on my christmas stocking then go back to bed. At least those 2 hours will be more productive.

I don't even want to talk about's bad...