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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sleep Talking

*This is a real conversation that took place between Josh and I last night... We had gone to bed about 10-15mins earlier*

Josh (rolls over and rubs my back)
Me "huh"
Josh "The dogs won't stop talking"
Me "What?"
Josh "The dogs won't stop talking!"
Me (ignore him and roll back over, obvious he is sleep talking...)
A minute later...
Josh (rolls over and hits my arm)
Me "What?"
Josh "Make the dogs stop talking!"
me (laugh, and try to go back to sleep)
Another Minute later...
Josh rolls over and in a huff, "Stupid dogs..."

Do you have any funny sleep talking stories?


Sarah said...

When I was little, I shared a room with my sister - she talked in her sleep frequently. :) Once she woke me up and told me, "Make sure you clean THIS side of the room before you clean THAT side of the room, or else the watermelon will get you!"

I just had to tell her she was dreaming and to GO BACK TO BED! :)

sara said...

My husband once said, in a dead sleep, "Yeah she looks good...I'll have some of that!" I laughed so hard I was sure I'd wake him up. The next morning I asked what he had dreamt about, he had no idea. I told him that was too bad because it sounded like you were enjoying it!

EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

I have had that sort of thing happen so many times! Sometimes I've even caught Ryan trying to get up or making weird actions in the middle of the room while he's still asleep. I'll ask what he's doing and he's fixing a computer or something, haha.

One time he even grabbed my hair, which of course ripped me out of my dream and i started crying/panicking because he was clearly angry. (he would NEVER touch me or do anything harmful while awake, but i was half asleep and was just terrified because i couldn't think straight). Me crying made him wake up and he's like OMG IM SO SO SORRY, I was fighting a creep in a bar who tried to grab you" haha. SO crazy.

BowWowPet said...

LOL thats funny
I'm your newest follower :)