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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

News on the house front

Well, after a battle trying to get a loan (apparently we weren't pre-approved, just pre-qualified) we finally found a lender who would work with us and go out of his way to help us figure out how to get the money we need! (and a bad mark on a credit report that wasn't really our fault didn't help any!)
But after a couple days thinking it wasn't going to work out, and we weren't going to get the house after all, our hopes are finally high!
We went and signed more paperwork today, got all the needed info to the lender, and things are on their way! The next step is the inspection, which is set for next tuesday. Hopefully there won't be anything major wrong, because the chances of getting it fixed are slim (it's bank owned)
But if everything happens like it should, we will be closing on Nov. 18th! We will be in our new house for the holidays! yay!
I am so excited, I can't wait!


Karrie said...

YAY, congrats!

Sonya said...

So exciting!

Good luck on the I Heart Faces Sticviews contest - thanks for entering :)