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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 months old, and other news!

I can't believe my little guy is already 2 months old. (2 months and 3 days to be exact!)
I can't hardly remember what life was like before he was here. He has become our life. I love just sitting and watching him play and talk with his toys. He has developed quite a voice! And when he smiles at me, it melts my heart.
He is getting so big too! He has a double chin going on, and is definitely starting to round out and get a little chunky. =)

In other news:
we are re-homing Stella. The person at Reno Husky Rescue is going over applications for her (she had several for them the day they listed her!) and will be taking her for some meet and greets in the next couple days. We know she will be going to a good home, which makes us feel good about it. She just has way too much energy, and needs a lot more attention than we can give her. She is also very clumsy with the Cat, and we are not sure how she will do when Jack starts crawling. =)

Also, we might be buying a house! I am waiting to hear back from the lender on our pre-approval, which he said looks good so far, and he should have a letter in my hands in the morning, and we are going to look at a promising house tomorrow afternoon... if it looks good, we may be making an offer! It is priced great, and even if we don't stay here, we can probably make money on it in the long run. After the mortgage, taxes and insurance, our monthly payment will still be $150 less a month than it is with us renting here... and for a bigger house. =) So we are praying!!!

I will leave you with some pictures from this week!

He loves playing with his toys

And even smiled for me!

Tummy Time

First time in the Bumbo Seat. =)

Look at that double chin!


Kitty Cat said...

Too gorgeous!

Holly Marie said...

i will be praying for you and josh. tod and i were lucky that a similar situation worked out for us after the wedding, buying a larger home ended up cheaper than renting. but, because our house was bank owned, the process was long and extremely frustrating--i will be thinking of you and praying. jack is getting so big! those pics are really cute! that's too bad about stella, but i am happy to hear that you have a lot of help screening for a new home for her.

Nanee Plainy said... boyfriend!!!!

Love it!