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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Saturday!

And don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!

Today has been a nice day. We woke up early this morning, and I made eggs and bacon for breakfast (the hubby loves bacon!) Then we walked down to the main street for the Nevada Day parade! Nevada became a state (admitted to the Union) October 31, 1864, so Nevada Day is October 31st.of each year. (or the last friday of october) So there is always a big parade the saturday after. This was the first year we went to the parade. It was neat. It did drizzle most of the time, but nothing too bad. Just a little cold.
We sat though most of the parade, then decided to start walking back because it looked like more rain was going to come (and we had walked a mile and a half to get there.) so we headed down the street to get some coffee at dutch brothers, then walked home. All together we walked about 3.5 miles! Crazy! But it was worth not having to fight for parking, then try and get out of there.
So after we got home, Josh turned on the tv, and now is asleep on the couch, and I have been busy entering the last of the bloggy giveaways... most of them are over or ending today, and altogether, I have entered probably 900 giveaways! (trying for christmas presents, cause we are broke!) And I have already won a cute gardening apron and a handbag organizer. So fun!
I think we are going to try and go out for dinner tonight and make use of one last coupon since my 2008 entertainment book coupons expire today. bummer!

I really think I need to start selling stuff on Etsy. After seeing all these things on the bloggy giveaways, there are so many things I could easily make! I have an etsy account, but dont have anything listed yet... I need to change that. So yeah, keep watching! I will be opening an etsy shop soon!

Oh, and its also NaBloPoMo! So I am going to try and post every day this month! Hope you all have a great weekend, and don't eat too much candy! =)

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