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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, I went to weight watchers today.

I haven't been in a few weeks, and thought I would go today because I am going to cancel my membership and wanted to see what I weighed before I stopped going.

I haven't been watching what I eat at all the last few weeks. Of course... I have been wanting to eat everything, and for good reason too!

Well, apparently I lost 4 pounds! yeah! crazy, huh?

Someone told me that they were heavier when they delivered then when they got pregnant because the baby basically lived off their fat. Of course they ate a little healthier, but man, wouldnt that be nice! I am praying!

I changed my doctor's appointment today. Instead of next friday, the 24th, It is Tuesday, Nov. 4. I changed it because my full insurance doesn't kick in until the 1st. and I am not sure my temp insurance will cover this appointment, and then the new insurance may see this as a "pre-existing condition" or something and decide not to cover it. So yeah, to save the possible trouble, I just rescheduled. Even though I am super impatient and want to go tomorrow!

I really hope I can sleep tonight. I have been so tired, but it seems as though my body doesnt want to let me sleep. Pray I can sleep!

Until next time!


Lindsey said...

Wow congrats on the four pounds! I wish I could eat whatever and still loose!! Lucky duck!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Katrina- Congratulations!!!! I just saw that you are expecting, my friend! I am soooooo happy for you!!!! Have you picked out names yet? That is one of the best parts of being pregnant.:) Enjoy every minute of it! Lori

Mojito Maven said...

YAYA congrats! Join WWW with us and share your success stories!

Mrs. Forever said...

I've heard a number of girls say they lost weight the first few weeks (months?) of pregnancy -- glad to hear that eating right is paying off for you! I am so incredibly excited for you and the wee one!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you and your hubby! What awesome news.
Sorry I have not been around much lately. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy~

Elaina said...

Yeah the losing of the weight thing was me totally and I didn't sleep much either! Its also a sign got to love that. I was up till all hours of the night sending emails and all that fun stuff. Glad you are feeling well thought TAKE CARE and congrats again