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Friday, October 3, 2008

3 day weekend!

Ahhhh! I am off of work for 3 days! What a great feeling. And the weather? Perfect! It is cold and windy, and we may actually get some rain! (not to mention a bit of snow up in the hills) I love this weather! I am even wearing a sweatshirt right now!

Tomorrow we are getting up early to help our friends Adam and Renee move. They bought a house near us (well, closer than before!) so we are going to help them get as much moved as we can tomorrow. =) Hopefully we can get lots done!
After that, Josh and I have massages scheduled at Massage Envy! I am so excited! Mine is free because of some photos I did for the owner of the place, and Josh is getting his 1 1/2 hour for only $39! What a sweet deal!
Sunday we are having brunch with my grandma, and then we have nothing planned, and monday I am going to clean and then be lazy!

I am so glad fall is here! I love the cold weather!

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**Melissa** said...

I'm so jealous! I haven't had a massage in like... forever!! (at least the paid ones, the ones J gives me they actually kind of hurt... lol we need to take some couples' massage class or something)