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Monday, September 15, 2008

so tired of it.

I love my job. I love what I do.

I am sick of drama, gossip and being talked about behind my back. The people I work with drive me crazy. I am so over it.

Today, apparently two of the girls were talking and said that they shouldn't let my type because I make too many mistakes. That is such BS! I was only typing for like 20-30 minutes while one of them was on break, and in that time I had to correct like 5 mistakes made by one of them! Then later corrected another one made by the other one. They chose to blame me instead of leaving it alone, or owning up to their own mistakes.

And last week one of my co-workers hear them talking about me and looked over at them, and they walked behind a shelf and kept talking. Seriously? What the heck. I try my best to be a people pleaser. I admit I am a pushover and always try to make everyone happy. I don't gossip or talk crap about people. I would give you the shirt off my back if you needed it. Why am I always the one people treat like this?

Is it because you know I won't stand up for myself and say something about it? That I will turn the other cheek and ignore it?

It is so selfish and immature. I am going job hunting tomorrow. Maybe I can get a job with a decent schedule too. This one is wearing me thin.

say a prayer!


**Melissa** said...

I'm sorry the tension at work is so bad, I've had times like that and they're not fun. Once you start focusing on those details, you won't just let go of them and they will drive you crazy! Good decision on moving on, you're better than them!
Good luck on the job hunting :-)

Prep-E Girl said...

People are really stupid sometimes...


PS - Good Luck with the job search (just stay away from any jobs in the financial sector right now!!!)

Traci Anne said...

Ugh, people are obnoxious. That's happened to me before, and what I did was go to them one on one, and in my most saccharine sweet voice, ask if there's anything bothering them about me, because if so, then I'd certainly like to know so we can correct the issue! I'm all about passive-aggression, apparently :)

Good luck with the job hunting!!

Holly said...

oh darlin! you are too sweet for mean people like that! what traci anne said is what i would do.... i bet you ten bucks they would stop their childish behavior. standing up for myself scares me like crazy, but the more i do it, the more confidant i get. go kick some but!

stephanie said...

I hate jobs.