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Monday, September 15, 2008

My thoughts EXACTLY!

JoshuaP once again wrote a post that says exactly what I was thinking... I am sure I'm not the only one...

Lest we forget about the issues...
i'm tired of political mudslinging. i'm tired of turning on the tv and seeing ad after ad that is all about attacking the other candidate and totally void of anything remotely resembling substance.

sen. mccain ran an ad attacking sen. obama for being a "celebrity"...likening him to paris hilton and britney spears. is he popular? sure. do people flock to hear him? sure. does it have anything to do with the issues that face us as citizens? no.

sen. obama is now running an ad letting people know that sen. mccain is out of touch with todays' voter. he can't type emails...or use a computer. for the record, sen. mccain CANNOT type emails because he was beaten for five years in a viet-cong prison camp and it is too painful for him to sit at a computer keyboard and have his arms in the typing position...he has his aides type for him. is he older than sen. obama? yes. is he out of touch because he can't type? no. does it have anything to do with the issues that face us as citizens? no.

it gets old...this back-and-forth nonsense that politicians revel in. talk about the issues. talk about the issues that are important to me. abortion. unreasonable taxation. invasion of privacy. government waste. stop running ads that are nothing more than pithy has already become quite unnerving..


Mrs. Forever said...
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Mrs. Forever said...

Amen. Then again it isn't just the ads that are fluff. The news is all about that type of junk too -- so apparently someone likes watching it.