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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My 2 days off

Well, I had yesterday and today off. It was nice having a chance to relax and get stuff done. Our house was a mess.
Yesterday I got some errands done, did some shopping, dropped off some resumes at a couple places (unfortunately none are hiring at the moment) and then when Josh got home we drove up to the new dog park in lake tahoe. It is fully fenced so we could let Stella off her leash, which she LOVED!
Then we ate at applebees (I was good and ordered off the weight watchers menu.) and came home and relaxed before bed.
Today I got up, cleaned up the house some, did dishes, cleaned out my car, then went to get an oil change, did some shopping, went to the self serve car wash and washed the outside of the car, then came home for a bit, then got ready, went to weight watchers and weighed in (unfortunately I didnt lose any this week, but I had a bad weekend. Next week will be better!) then went to a chamber of commerce mixer with Renee.
The chamber mixer was fun, I got to meet some new people, pass out some business cards for my website, and I got a card for a $39 intro massage and since I met her at the chamber, she is making it an hour and a half massage! How cool is that?!? I can't wait till payday... we will both go get massages. =)
After that, Renee and I hung out over soup and salad, then came home and here I am!
Back to work tomorrow!


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Thanks for your help with those websites! I hope some of them work out. :)

Josh "Juice" Welch said...

Wait you cleaned!?! What!?! Where!?!

Just kidding but serriously

Katrina said...

shut up.