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Thursday, September 18, 2008

You really think it's Bush's fault?

I recently read another post by JoshuaP, That really opened my eyes. I wasn't planning on voting for Obama, but was tired of hearing how the state of the economy is so bad, and it's all Bush's fault.... But read this post that Joshua posted the other day... It is full of some key facts that I did not know, and that Obama definitely isn't going to say in any of his speeches anytime soon!

lets blame bush's easier than being honest...
Barack obama is not telling the whole truth on our current economic "state". he, in my opinion, is disingenuous. he parades around the country acting as if he is different than everyone else in washington d.c. he acts like he hasn't been sitting in the senate for the last 3 years. really, obama isn't a senator from illinois...he is just your average guy who wants to change the world. mccain...he's the insider...the career politician...the bad guy.
on top of mccain being the "bad guy"...he is also george bush III...and the current mortgage meltdown is the fault of our greedy president, the greedy republicans in congress and their greedy economic policies. seriously?

so it goes...barack obama is telling one of the biggest campaign lies this season...and you won't hear wolf blitzer talking about it. he, and the rest of the mass media are too busy foaming at the mouth whenever obama speaks...they are busy announcing the "second coming" of our new political saviour. i'll pass...

barack obama has been a key figure in the fannie mae/freddie mac "titanic" that is now going to cost our gov't billions to bail out. obama has taken more money from fannie/freddie lobbyists in 3 years than every other serving senator (outside of sen. dodd...and he (obama) has only been in the senate 3 years! they started giving money in 1989...and he has passed everyone else. read for yourself). two of obama's economic advisors (franklin raines and jim johnson) are former ceo's of fannie/ who made millions of dollars in bonuses while their companies funded sub-prime loans and were shielded from any congressional oversite by the very senators and congressmen that had been bought off. obama likes to act as if he didn't have anything to do with the current state of the economy...but he was uniqely involved with these companies and didn't blow the whistle once while speaking on the senate floor to alert us of the impending meltdown.

so it continues with obama...this string of posturing and lying about the financial industry, and questioning whether sen. mccain “gets it.” maybe mccain isn't right on all the issues but mccain was trying to deal with this issue in 2006! mccain wanted to bring greater accountability to fannie/freddie. in summary, the bill, S. 190, of which mccain was one of only four co-authors (sen. obama was NOT one of those co-sponsors), proposed to amend the "federal housing enterprises financial safety and soundness act of 1992" to establish an independent regulatory agency which would have authority over the federal home loan bank finance corporation, the federal home loan banks, the federal national mortgage association (fannie mae), and the federal home loan mortgage corporation (freddie mac). mccain was trying to fix this over 2 years ago...while obama was doing NOTHING. but then again...he wasn't, and isn't, a beltway boy. he's just an outsider trying to bring "change" to washington...which is laughable at best.

i found the following quote interesting...because democrats are blaming bush and the republicans for all of our economic woes...
"It’s possible President Bush could have avoided some of this...but can you imagine the grief he would have gotten for making houses harder to buy, especially for those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, with the likes of Barney Frank and Paul Krugman on the opposing side?
This was the perfect liberal operation: The righteous cause of home ownership for those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder. Pockets padded for fellow cronies. And the blame for the inevitable crisis going to Republicans. Perfect. Bill Clinton is a genius."


JoshuaP said...

i think a lot of people dropped the ball so to speak...but blaming it on one political party is telling a partial truth. the democrats have had a majority in the house and senate...yet nothing changed. funny how obama doesn't talk about their lack of action...they merely sat back and did nothing.

Katrina said...

totally agree. The one thing I hate about politics is the constant blame of others for things not being perfect. It will never be perfect, and people will always disagree, but stop the blame and start taking action!

MisterMasonCA said...

id have to agree, and this is a topic that is in conversation of people everywhere, Personally I think we are headed for the end of the world as we know it!