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Monday, August 4, 2008

What a deal! (& a diet update)

So I read on another blog that JC Penny was having a huge clearance sale. Figuring this would be a good chance to buy some baby clothes for some pregnant cousins of mine, I went...
And I came back with this:

For a grand total of $28. Each piece was normally $8-10. We won't go into the fact that I am only giving away 2 of these outfits and keeping the rest for myself because they are just too darn cute.
I also got my dad 2 shirts for $3 each and Josh a polo shirt for $5. Bringing my grand total spent to $43. And you know that little part of the receipt that says "you saved this much today?" Yeah... I saved $150. Crazy! So if your kids need back to school clothes... Go check out their sale!
Here are some close ups of my favorite outfits:

ps. Josh thinks I am "nesting" now... because I want a baby. hehe.

Anyways, as for my diet, I am down 5 pounds! In 3 days! woohoo!

I went grocery shopping this morning, and now I am worn out... and I have to clean the house today... I cleaned and organize the bedroom yesterday and did laundry... now for the rest of the house....

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tata said...

What a score! And congrats on the weight loss :)