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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diet Day 2

Well, I have been on my diet for two full days now. So far, so good! I haven't eaten a whole lot, which is good, and I have stuck to the menu pretty well.
Tonight for dinner I have a shrimp, bell pepper and pineapple stir fry over brown rice. I am full! It was pretty tasty. =)
The only thing I didn't follow today was the walking. I got home from work, and my feet and legs hurt pretty bad. I figured I worked a 9 hour shift in which I was on my feet and constantly moving... that should count more than 30 minutes of walking, right? =)

And according to the scale... I have lost... 3 pounds! In less than 2 days! Woohoo! Yay me for no snacking and eating healthy. Josh being gone for the weekend has made it easier to cook just for myself. =) we will see how it continues. =)

I think I am going to watch a movie now. =)


Anonymous said...

Good job! It can be so hard the first few days and weeks. Seeing progress is definitely a great motivator!

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The Pink Potpourri said...

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Anonymous said...

that is so neat that they are paying you to follow their plan. I need to find something like that. Good luck!

Veggie Mom said...

Healthy eating is ALWAYS the best way to go! Congrats on sticking to your goals. BTW, I'm having another Great Pop'rs Giveaway, starting tomorrow, so come join the fun!

Ashley said...

WOW! Congrats on your diet progress! I know how hard it can be. Good Luck!