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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Weekend

Well, we had a fun weekend!

On Friday afternoon, our friends Scott and Christy came to visit. Friday night we hung out, watched TV, tried some different kinds of wine and talked. Saturday we slept in, then the guys went to go help a friend of ours move some furniture, and Christy and I hung out at the house. When they got back, we took the Dog and went up to Virginia City. We walked around and checked out the shops, and were planning on eating at a really good bbq restaurant they have there, but it was closed when we got there, so we drove back down to Carson City and ate at Q's BBQ. It was really good.
After that, we went to go see WALL-E. Ed, our friend that they helped move furniture for, gave us all passes to go see it! It was super cute! =)
Yesterday, we got up and went to breakfast with my grandma, then pretty much just took it easy and relaxed at home all day. Scott, Josh and I took Stella down to the walking path and went for a short walk, but other than that we just had a lazy day.
Last night we watched Mama's Boy and had some drinks, and I don't know why (because I was not drunk, just tipsy) But I feel like crap. I have been nauseous all day. I even drank like 2.5 glasses of water before I went to bed. Oh well. At least I rarely do that. I think I have been hungover 3 times in my life. It sucks. Which is why I don't drink very often, and if I do, I usually limit myself to one or two. But for some reason you get Christy and I together, and we like to drink. Well, we all like watching her drink. lol ;-)

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