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Friday, June 27, 2008


Thank goodness if's Friday! Yay! I love Fridays, and today I switched shifts at work, so instead of working 12-5, I am working 8-12. =)
Why? Glad you asked! Our good friends Scott and Christy are coming to visit us! I love that our friends like to come visit us! haha.
We are thinking that we may take a trip to Virginia City tomorrow.... It is a really neat little old west town. Most of the buildings are original to the town. Mark Twain even lived there for a while! =) We have been there a few times, as it is only 1/2 hour drive for us! They have this really good little Barbeque place there too... and when I say barbeque... I mean good southern style Barbeque! yumm!

That is one thing I miss about living in Tennessee. There was this little pit BBQ place off of hwy 41 between Springfield and Adams. It was amazing bbq and was super cheap too!
Other things I miss about Tennessee:
1. The Green. Everything is green! so many trees and plants!
2. Being 15 minutes away from several good fishing spots
3. The Pace. People are rarely in a hurry.
4. The cost of Living! My apartment there was almost half the cost of the place we have here, and was almost the same size!
5. The People. Southern people are friendlier. Period.
6. The accents. I love a good drawl.
7. The Thunderstorms. They were amazing!
8. The scenery. Just so beautiful!
9. The Amish stores. Always a treat to go to!
10. My friends. My old Co-workers. =)


Elaina said...

OHH I LOVER Virginia City. I had my first drink as a 21 year old there at the bloody Bucket. I have been there sense I was about in 6th grade with family trips and all that fun stuff. Have lots of fun!!!

stephanie said...

Ooh, it's all different here.

I was in Tennessee once. we were on our way to Florida and stopped at a McDonald's. I remember being nice.