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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Sunday!

Well, our friends Seth and Heather (see last post) were still here today, and they have a nice new jeep. They found some jeep trails around our area, and really wanted to try one out, so this morning we took the doors and roof off and drove up to Tahoe!
It wasn't a very difficult trail, and there were some gorgeous views!

Then, after we got home, and they took off for home, we were sitting around watching tv (after showering off the layer of dirt we acquired on the trail, when Josh decided to be romantic. He got dressed, told me to get ready and be ready to go when he got home in 15 mins. Then he left. When he came back, he took me to dinner at Chilis, and then to see Get Smart (he had gone and bought the tickets) It was a really funny movie! We both really enjoyed it.
Anyways, now we are off to bed since we have to work in the morning. Fun Fun!

Oh! On a positive note, the Pharmacist from Walmart called, and wants to schedule an interview! YAY! Prayer, please!

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