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Monday, May 12, 2008

Your opinion please!

So, I came up with a few designs for a business card, and I can't decide which one I like the best, so here is where you come in!
Tell me which one you think looks the best!
To make it even more exciting, I am throwing in a prize. One randomly selected winner will get the earrings of their choice from my website! (contest over!)

Here are your choices:


Nanee Plainy said...

I really like the first two. My favorite of those is the black's different and will set you apart!

Steve said...

I like option 3.

People "scan and click" even if they are just reading, and the easier it is to read quickly, the more likely it will be read at all.

option 3 is the easiest to read without a pattern behind the text.

also, think through who will be your primary audience. for example, will you sell jewelry to people or network because of the card? Or is it best to have the card with you when you sell jewelry to tell people that you have other product besides that?

bekah said...

yeah i'm going with the 3rd b/c of what steve said. i did like the 2nd, but his advice was good. so i'm going with option 3. it's cute and bold and easy to read.

stephanie said...

I like Number 3.