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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh Crappy day...

Ah, it has definitely been one...

I woke up this morning for my dentist appointment, which I thought was at 9, but I get there and realize it wasn't till 10. So I had to sit there for an hour when I could have slept an extra hour.

Then I get in for my filling, they numb me up, and the dentist pokes my tooth, and it hurt so bad I nearly flew out of the chair. It was bad. So he says he thinks it may be infected, but he will give me more local anesthesia and see if that helps. It doesn't. So, he says it is hypersensitive and infected to the root, and I need a root canal. Great. So he gives me a prescription for penicillin and Vicodin, and I go up front to schedule a root canal. Turns out they have to do a crown too.

By this time I am already crying... not only from the whole situation but the fact that I know the root canal is going to cost roughly $500. She gives me the estimate, and because I need a crown too, it is over $1000! So this just makes me start crying harder. geez... I feel like a blubbering idiot. So I schedule my appointment for next monday. (oh joy)

I get to the car and I just break down. I am bawling. I don't exactly know why... Half of my face is numb, my eyes are already red and swollen and I just can't stop crying. So I make it to Walgreens to drop off the prescription. By this time I have managed to stop crying, but it is obvious I was. Then I go to my grandmas house to pick up the spare house key because I dont have one and Josh had both the garage door openers in his truck. She gives me a big hug and tells me she is going to go with me on monday. She is too sweet.

Then I get home, change, grab some food, and go pick up the prescriptions and go to work. I get to work, and I just feel crappy. For some reason I am crampy, and it won't go away, so I take half a vicoden. (a whole one just makes me dizzy and sick to my stomach) So here I am sitting feeling slightly off, a little lightheaded, my eyes still burn, my cramps didn't go away, the numbness is almost gone, but not quite, and my jaw hurts.

I really want to just go crawl into bed. someone come work for me? please?

**Oh yeah..... make sure to check out the post below... it is a contest!**


Nanee Plainy said...

What a horrible day! I'm sorry! Hopefully we'll have fun tonight with dinner. Maybe watch a happy movie?

Hope today is better!

bekah said...

ooo. yucky dentist stuff!
yeah. my asthma's been acting up here in asthma/ allergy capital of the WORLD! so i went to the doctor and everything he prescribed like made me feel WORSE. isnt it funny how that works out??

hope you feel better!

stephanie said...

At least you got some Vicodin out of the deal. You can console yourself with them. :)

(I hope you're feeling better now.)

Anonymous said...

Just because I have been going to a dentist that has been doing ALOT of work on me who I have now heard bad things about. Like that they do a bunch of unneeded work....Just wanted to make sure you really need this work done and trust these people.