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Monday, May 19, 2008

On leaving comments

I found this blog on I should be folding laundry and I thought it was worth re-posting. =)

I have had many discussions this week with various bloggers about the importance of commenting and how much they mean to a blogger. We all understand that sometimes readers do not comment because maybe they are in a hurry, maybe they are not in the mood or maybe they just don't think that what they have to say really matters.

As a blogger, let me enlighten you on the subject of commenting. I hope that I can encourage you to begin commenting on blogs (not just mine) that you read and also express my gratitude to those readers and fellow bloggers who always or most of the time, make it a point to leave a comment.

I will not speak for ALL bloggers, but I will speak for most, commenting is our payday. Very few of us receive a handsome salary (I've always wanted to say handsome salary) or ANY salary for blogging. Which is fine, many of us blog for the love of blogging, not for money. Some people actually lose money because they pay to keep their blog and pay for their design but do not receive any financial kickbacks. It's a hobby, something we enjoy. Sometimes it's hard work, sometimes it's painful, there are so many reasons to keep a blog, but there is one thing all bloggers have in common, it takes our time, it comes from our hearts, (I hope) and most of the time, bloggers are proud of what they have written.

How do we get paid? Through your comments. A comment is more than just a comment, it's feedback, it's conversation, it's appreciation. You not only hold our "paycheck" in your hands, you also hold our longevity. A blogger who is appreciated is more likely to be a happy blogger and a happy blogger blogs for a long time and doesn't stop because they are under appreciated or frustrated.

The best way I can explain the importance to you, is with this question: Can you imagine wanting to share a story, a thought or a belief with forty people and preparing what you had to say, choosing the right words and nervously approaching them and then saying what you had to say, you say it just as you planned and you wait for the response and the person you are talking to listens to you, looks at you and just walks away. Without a smile, a frown - no reaction. They just walk away. And out of the forty people you say this to, only one replies to you.

That's how it feels for a blogger. But that's the way blogging is and we know this. Do I always leave a comment on blogs that I visit? No. But I should do it more often, and I will.

You may think that what you have to say doesn't matter or your words are insignificant. You may find it hard to believe, but your words are important, they make a difference. Every comment that comes through my blog, is read and appreciated and I know I am not the only blogger who feels this way. I KNOW THIS.

After reading all of this, I hope you don't feel like you can't go to blogs without commenting - because you can. Readership is also very important, I justed wanted to portray for you how wonderful it is to share our thoughts and life experiences with you AND receive some form of feedback. If you are still feel uncomfortable, that's okay. I promise.

So, for all bloggers today, I hope you click on that comment button and say "great post" or "well said" on every blog that you visit.

And I hope you feel good about leaving a comment, because that blogger feels so good that you took the time to leave one.

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The Barber Bunch said...

I agree. I love to get comments.


MaryLu said...

What good is blogging if we don't know if we have actually reached someone? I live for the comments to my posts, even if they are just blah-nothing posts.
It makes my day.
So, because I want the same thing in return, (wink, wink) I am commenting here.
I enjoy your photography, and I'm thinking of starting a photography blog just to post some of my favorites. Thanks for the inspiration.
I'm adding you to my favorites and will check back, in between loads of laundry, stinky diapers and child-chaos.
Have a great day!!