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Monday, May 19, 2008

My appointment...

Well, I went in for my root canal this morning. It ended up alright. I got there, and was sitting waiting for the dentist to come shoot me up with Novocaine, with my eyes closed, just praying and trying to stay calm. Then he comes in and lays me back, and gives me the shots, and I almost have a panic attack. I don't know why... I have never had one in my life! I started tearing up, and I was shaking, and my heart was pounding... after he left, i started calming down a bit, and the assistant was talking to me and was all "if we had known it would be like this for you, we could have gotten you some valium!" Yah, that would have been nice.
After a while the dentist comes back and checks my tooth, and thank God I don't feel anything! so they get to work! a few times he had to shoot some more Novocaine into my tooth, but no big pain... except for my jaw... oh man you have to keep your mouth open for a long time!
So, they are almost done, and he tells me that one root won't stop bleeding, so he packed it with some medicine and put a temporary filling in, and I will go back next week to finish. I think they got all the roots and painful stuff out, so I shouldn't have any issues with it, but I just pray nothing happens with it because my brother is getting married this weekend in California, so we will be there all weekend!
Thanks for your prayers, and thanks to my wonderful hubby who brought me a bean burrito for lunch. =)

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Nanee Plainy said...

I'm so glad everything went okay at your appointment yesterday. I was thinking about you all day!