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Sunday, May 4, 2008

I love Thunderstorms...

And I am sitting here with the window open as it is raining... Thank God, we need the rain! and every once in a while a nice clap of thunder sounds. I love that sound. I miss the storms in Tennessee.. they were some awesome storms. Except when there was a tornado warning attached. =)

We went snowboarding this morning. 1.5 hours to get there, 1 hour on the slopes, 1.75 hours to get home.... hmm... At least the tickets were free! nah, we got there, and they had 6 or 8 lifts open, we rode up the gondola and got off, and the first little bit, Josh was having a hard time and was getting frustrated, then we got to the beginning of the mountain run which was an intermediate run, and I Wanted to go down it, and Josh didn't, he was frustrated and wanted to just get to the bottom and leave so we kinda had an argument and we were both pissed... So I went down the run, he went up the lift either some other runs, or take the gondola back down. I wasn't sure at the time.
Needless to say I got to the bottom of the run and took my gear to the car and called to find out where he was. He was waiting for the Cable car... he had found a beginner slope and ridden it a few times. He felt bad and apologized, but we ended up leaving. My legs were sore, and he was done. I kinda wish I would have done at least one more run. But oh well. Next season we decided we are going to try and go at least a few times, and maybe if we can swing it get some season passes to Mount Rose, which is a lot closer. (like 45 minutes away)
So, we are going to just hang out for the rest of the day and relax. Until next time!

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