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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Dentist....

I am so frustrated right now with the dentist I had to go to.

My appointment was at 9. I got there at 8:50, knowing I probably had paperwork to fill out. I did. I filed it out, then continued to sit in the waiting room for an HOUR!

Finally, I got called back, had to wait a minute, the Assistant came, asked what was the problem, then let again. I waited some more. She came in, took an x-ray, said the dentist would be in in a minute, then left. I waited some more. Finally, the dentist came in, looked at the xray, looked at my tooth. (literally, just looked at it... didnt prod or probe, nothing, just looked) Then said he could put a filling in it, but I really need a crown done in the long run, then went to see how much it would cost me. THen the receptionist came in with the estimate, said I could do the filling now or later, I said ok, now is fine. She left. I waited for at least another 20 minutes, and finally I was like forget it... this is ridiculous. I was looking around, and another assistant came in and asked if I was ok. I told her that I wanted to just leave, and get the procedure done another time, as I had already been there for 2 hours. She went and talked to the front desk, and ok'd it with them.

Turns out my assistant and the dentist had another patient, and were doing an oral surgery that as taking longer than expected. Why do they overschedule like that? and Why the heck couldn't the assistant have popped her head in and at least told me what the heck was going on?!? So ridiculous!!!

The good part was that the assistant that came in and let me go was super nice and apologetic, and so was the billing lady, and they waived my fees for today. ($17 for the dentist to 'look' in my mouth... stupid anyways) So that was cool.

So, I have an appointment on may 7, just to have the filling put in until I get insurance and can get a crown...

Well, Off to work now.... fun fun fun....

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