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Monday, November 12, 2007

New Job, Broke down car and the holidays...

So, I got a new Job! Well, I am still working at Starbucks part time, but I am now a receptionist at the Carson City Airport part time as well. It is cool, I started Friday, and it is going to be really easy. (at least I hope so!) So I will be working about 43-45 hours a week, some days at 4:30am. Yay! :-p
In other news, our (new) car is not working... The Serpentine Belt locked up. Josh is going to try and fix it, so hopefully it is just the tensioner, because that is the cheapest fix. It just stinks! We have only had it a few months. We haven't even registered it yet! (long story) haha.
So, I can't believe next week is already thanksgiving! We are going to my parent's house for thanksgiving, and Josh's cousin who lives in Salt Lake City is going to go with us. So that should be fun. On the day after thanksgiving, me and Josh and Lisa, and a bunch of friends are going to go up to Apple Hill, which is a tradition we started last year. It should be really fun! Then I am hoping I get Christmas eve off at Starbucks, so then we can stay at me parents house through the weekend, since our family is doing Christmas at my Grandmas on the 22nd. We can't afford to go back and forth. So we may end up spending our own little Christmas together.
In other news, a friend of mine (my only friend in Carson City... haha) Makes jewelry with her mom and aunt, and I showed her some of my stuff, and she thinks I should sell it, so they are doing a craft fair on December 8th and I am going to put some of my stuff in to sell. so hopefully that will go well and I can sell some stuff! (I have pictures of some things in my myspace pictures)
And I am doing a Tupperware party on the 30th! hopefully I can sell lots of things!
Anyways, I think that is all for now! until next time...

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Melissa said...

Congrats on the New JOB!! WooHoo!!! You'll have to let me know how you like it. I hope you and Josh enjoy your 1st Thanksgiving (of many) together as a married couple. Say hi to the family, and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! =)

Love ya!