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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I wish I could just sleep through a whole night.

I have not been sleeping well... for probably more than a month now. I don't know if it is Josh's snoring, or having to share the bed for the first time, but I have just not been sleeping well at all. Maybe it has been like this since we got married but it seems like it has either been worse the past several weeks, or I have just been noticing it more.
I usually fall asleep fine, but then I will wake up multiple times a night. I can't get a full good night's sleep. It is driving me crazy, mainly because I work several days a week at 4:30am and I need my rest! If I don't get it, I come home and lay on the couch all day and get nothing done.
I wish I could pinpoint the reason I am not able to sleep. Maybe once my insurance kicks in, (I am finally eligible and enrolled yesterday! yay!) and I get to a doctor, they can help me. maybe it is the birth control pills I am taking. Has anybody every had that type of problem with those? I am on Nortrel.

Anyways.... In the rest of my life. (Sorry I haven't updated in so long, Missy! ) Things are going good. We got our new car, and it is awesome! it is in such good condition, and we don't have payments on it! That is the best part!
My Nanny introduced us to another young couple in town that is in a dance class she goes to, and it turns out I have met him before. He was in Band with my first boyfriends in High school, so that is cool. We are having a dinner and game night on saturday night, so we will see how that goes and how we get along. I think we will get along well!

I seriously need to go on a diet. I needed to lose like 30 pounds before the wedding, I think I lost like 13, and have gained it all back, if not more. It is so hard being married, and cooking for a guy who doesn't like veggies. Makes it really hard for me to cook healthy food, and of course I have a hard time cooking something for him and not eating it myself. I need to just get over it, not buy any more junk type food, and start exercising! I wish I could afford a gym membership! haha. But they who's to say I would even use it. I wish I had a friend/neighbor who would go walking with me.

so yeah, a really long blog today! hopefully I will stay more up on this. it may take some time though. =)

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Melissa said... UPDATE! I wish you were closer...I would walk with you. ;) Actually you'll get a kick out of this. A bunch of mom's and myself used to go to Starbuck's for mom's group on Wednesdays. Now...we have made it that we have to WALK to Starbuck's to get our treat...*insert huge eyepopping here) It's about a 2 1/2 mile round trip. Nice walk though. But I'm still getting my Starbuck's!!!

I hope you can get some sleep soon...especially before kids come, and you never get sleep again. haha...Keep updating...I like reading about what's going on with you and Josh. =)