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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wow, I haven't posted in a long time. =) So much has happened! We got married, moved to Nevada, started new jobs...
Things are going really good for us. we both like our jobs. Josh is working at the airport , and he really likes it. He is learning a lot, and likes the guys he works with. I am working at Starbucks, and I like the people I work with, and I like working there, but I am looking for something more full time, permanent, and better paying. Hopefully I will find something soon so we can work on paying our debt off faster.

I can honesty say we are happy. We are really enjoying married life. We are even getting a new car! we found a 2000 xterra in super good condition for a really good price. (almost $2000 under blue book!) So that is exciting.

So the past couple weeks we thought I might be pregnant, but weren't sure. Well, I took a test the other day, and it was negative. (still not 100% positive, but pretty sure.) It was in a way kind of a relief, because we are still young, newlywed, and short on money, but in a way it was a bummer. Part of me really wanted to be pregnant and have a baby. I guess you could say it was a lot of mixed emotions. But in the end, we are happy that we don't have that added stress, and we still have time to get used to each other, and establish our marriage. When we are ready, we will start trying. Probably in like a year or so. (Or whenever God decides it's time!)

Anyways, until next time...

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