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Monday, March 26, 2007

What a crazy week...

It has definitely been a crazy and hard week for me. Monday I got back from visiting my family and friends in California. I took care of a lot of wedding stuff, had my bridal shower, etc.
Tuesday I started moving into my new apartment. We moved stuff on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Thursday was my Birthday, I left work early, had lunch with Josh, then worked on my apartment, and stayed my first night there.
Friday started like a normal day... I went to work, and my bosses called me in to their office, and told me that things weren't working out, and I wasn't meeting their expectations. They freaking fired me. I was so upset.
So, I leave there, and I go the employment office, and they give me a number to call for unemployment. I call the number, and start filing my claim, and got to the point where I was talking to a rep, and she was asking about my job history, and she is all... "You know, you can file in California since you have worked there in the past 18 months... If you do that, you will probably get almost twice as much." so I thanked her and called the California unemployment office, and she was right! I get a larger amount, which is almost what I was making at Mainstream anyways! Praise God! (well, minus a portion of what I am making at Starbucks.) But still!

So yeah... last week was just a crazy week. But at least there are some positives. The California unemployment, free internet access because someone in an apartment around me has wireless internet, I now have my own place, etc.

I am sure this is for the better. I couldn't stand my bosses anyways. But I will miss the girls and guys I worked with. They were all floored to hear the news. Maybe I can find a better job with benefits and better pay. That would be nice. =)

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