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Thursday, March 1, 2007

The start of another season...

Well, we have had the second tornado warnings of the season.

I HATE tornado warnings. At least today it was during the day. I think the worst feeling is when it is dark outside, and knowing you are under tornado warning, but not being able to see anything because it is so dark. At least during the day you would have some warning.

Tornadoes have always been a fear of mine. We used to go to Kansas to visit family when I was little and I would hide in the basement most of the time. lol. I wish we had a basement here...

And here I am moving into my own apartment in the middle of the bad weather season. I don't mind thunderstorms. In fact, sometimes I love them. But here they can be so scary. way over the top. The thunder rattles the whole house, and the lightning will light up the whole house too. Being woken up in the middle of the night by a severe thunderstorm is the worst.

A couple weeks ago it was so bad. The rain all the sudden started hitting so hard that I almost thought it was a tornado. You could hardly hear anything over the rain.

I just hope that this tornado season isn't too bad... and I don't have to experience a tornado. (and neither does anyone else...)



Despredador said...
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bekah said...

hey, i hear ya.
we don't have a basement either, i always want to live in a house w/ a basement. i'm SOOO scared of tornadoes. it's just like, there's nothing you can do. you cant control it. i hate it. aahhh! thinking about it creeps me out lol.
hope the weather's good while you're living by yourself :)