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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Samuel's birth story

Two weeks ago, Feb 13th, I was 38.5 weeks pregnant.
I started having some contractions that evening around dinner time. As they became more regular I began to think this might be the night but I was really hoping not since I wanted him to come closer to his due date. As it got closer to time for Josh (who works graveyard) to go to work, The contractions were still a little far apart and not that strong, so I sent him to work and went to bed to try and get some sleep. I managed to sleep on and off for a couple hours, but about 2:00am They were still coming regularly and I couldn't sleep anymore, so I texted Josh and told him to come home and called the neighbor to come stay with the kids.
We got to the hospital about 3:30 and got registered (whoops,  didn't realize I wasn't registered!) and got into triage, they checked me and I was only at 2cm. So, we set off to walk the halls for an hour and get re-checked. After an hour of walking, I was at 3cm! Progress! Another hour and I was at 4! finally got admitted and got put into a room!
Finally got settled into the room at about 7:30 and they sent for my epidural (All you mamas who do it med free, my hat is off to you!) I think I got it at around 8-8:30. At that point, I was 5cm.
after I got the epidural, I progressed pretty quickly. My water broke shortly after and there was meconium in the water, so they alerted the NICU team to be present for the birth to make sure there were no issues.  I knew it was time to push when I couldn't bear the pain anymore and felt like I could feel everything!
My nurse got everything prepped pretty quickly and  asked me to do a practice push and see if I was a good pusher. My husband and I told him that we didn't think I needed to with how quickly our last one came, and as I started to push, he goes "Ok! ok! yo uare a good pusher, hold on!" and they scrambled to get the Dr and the nicu people in so I could push him out! I finally just said I have to push, I have to get him out! Luckily right at that point, they were ready! 2 pushes and he was out! Sweet relief! He came at 9:46 am on Valentines Day!
I knew right away that I had torn a little, so the dr. had to put in some stitches and the placenta came really quickly after. They took Samuel over and sucked him out and he started crying pretty quickly! yay! After a few minutes, they brought him over to me and I was able to hold him skin to skin for about an hour and a half before they weighed and bathed him. =) 8lb 5oz and 19 3/4 inches long! My heaviest baby! And he has beautiful red hair that I am praying stays!
After the birth, the nurse was concerned that I was bleeding a little more than I should be and kept pushing on my stomach (very hard! ouch!) and the Dr came in and dug out some clots (OUCH!) and they talked about possibly needing to go in and do a D&C to see if there was anything left, (Even though they had inspected the placenta and it was completely intact) Luckily, they weighed the pads and there wasn't as much blood as they thought, and then It tapered off, so They were satisfied that everything was ok. But, I definitely wouldn't want to deal with that again. That poking and prodding was painful!
After that, they got us up to the postpartum room and we were able to settle in and Samuel nursed like a champ and still does!
We are all completely in Love!

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