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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Thoughts on blogging

This blog started as a place for me to organize my thoughts, write out what I was feeling and journal what I was doing. I can't believe it has been over 7 years since I started it!
Over the years, my focus for this blog has changed. I started working on growing my readership and doing product reviews and giveaways, because I loved the blogs that did giveaways and I enjoyed doing that for my readers! After baby #2 was born, my blogging slowed down, and then with the arrival of baby #3, It really took a nosedive! (not to mention the cross country move with a 1 week old, living in a cramped apartment and then moving again into our new house!)
I think my focus has shifted again. I want to start blogging again, and I have been a little convicted to set my alarm and wake up before my kids get up. So, I am going to be getting up at 6am every morning, making my coffee, sitting down with my bible, and hopefully having a little time after to blog. I want to journal our lives. So much is changing and it's all happening so fast that I want to capture it somewhere!
Once I get into the habit of blogging again, I will start working on trying to get more product reviews and giveaways going again. My question to you readers (If there are any even out there still) is are there any products you'd like to see me review and/or give away? Any certain types of products?
I think part of my lack of blogging was because I got too wrapped around the fact that even though I have so many followers, I was lucky if I got one comment on my blog. I had to accept that fact and realize that many were probably reading in a reader, or like me just didn't have time to comment... and also just blog for myself. Not focus on how many comments I'm getting (or not getting, rather.)
So to all you who are still reading and following, thank you! I know google reader is going away, so please update your new reader (I will do a post about a few options) or subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin. The buttons for bloglovin and my feed are on the right sidebar!
Have a great Sunday all!


Anonymous said...

Honestly? I love your blog, and I've been a follower for eons. However, I think blogging in general can turn your focus off your kids and family really easily. I'm a blogger myself and this has been on my heart for a while. Actually, Savings & Stewardship really summed up my own thoughts on blogging with kids etc just last week. It hit home really bad for me. Something to consider and pray about I guess!

Katrina said...

I agree, and I am striving to spend more time with my kids and being a good wife and mother, which means the internet and facebook are going to have to take a backseat (and have for a while now) I am trying to figure out a good balance! Thanks for being a follower! (and for the kind words!) God Bless!