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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Charlottes birth story

Well, Thursday afternoon after 2 weeks of trying every trick to make her come sooner, I finally started having contractions. It was mid afternoon and I was laying on the couch. When I started timing them they were still 10-12 mins apart, but I just knew this was it because they were painful and kept on even when I was sitting or laying down.
At about 6:30 we dropped the kids off at a friends house to stay the night and we headed to the mall to walk some before getting to the hospital. After about an hour of walking we headed to the hospital. I had been at 3cm for the past week and a half so I was really praying I was at least a 4! Well, we got there and I was at 4! So they had us walk the halls for about 45 minutes and checked me again and I had progressed to a 5 so they admitted me. At this time it was about 10pm. I asked for an epidural about an hour after that and got it at about 12:30. It was definitely a relief, and at that point I was at about a 6-7cm. Shortly after, I tried changing positions and had shooting pains on my lower right side. The nurse came in and was having a hard time getting the monitor to stay on the heartbeat, and the baby's heartbeat was slowing down a little, so they were turning me over, and I was just having some of the worst pains... The PA came in and wanted to break my water and put an internal monitor in, but noticed my pain and said that didn't seem normal and wanted to check me to see
Where I was at. We were all shocked when she said I was complete! It was a mad rush to get everything in place as I true to push through the worst pain ever, but after pushing through 3 contractions, she was born!
It all happened so fast at the end, and I was in so much pain I couldn't open my eyes, but it was all worth it!

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traceyjay said...

so glad she got to come on her own! And glad for you it went so quickly! (though bummer about it hurting so much!)
She's precious.
Grace to you during your move... having a new baby is definitely not an ideal time to move... so praying more of more peace for you to get through it!