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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Attack

So, I mentioned yesterday that I got attacked by a deer.... well, here's the story...

We were at my mom and dad's property up in the mountains. They have a lot of deer that will come around, and they put out food for them when they are up there (once or twice a month?), and every once in a while will let you feed them. Well, the night we got there a couple deer showed up, we fed them (The first time I've ever been there and they came near) and then went to bed.
Well, the next morning, Ellie decided to wake up at like 5:45, so I decided finally to take her outside so she wouldn't wake anyone else up. Well, right after we came outside, a couple deer showed up, so I went int he trailer and got some of the food and put it out on the ground for them, and went and sat at the picnic table... Well, the one deer wasn't happy with that... she wanted the cracker that Ellie was eating. She kept trying to grab it, and I gently nudged her away, but she didn't like that... and Thank goodness I just so happened to be videoing it with my phone when it happened! Take a look:

Crazy, right? Oh yeah, and Ellie was on my lap... Thank God the deer only got my arm, and not Ellie... I had a decent bruise for a few days. So yeah, we will probably stay away from the deer from now on... (and yes, yes I know that deer are responsible for more deaths than bears and etc.... I have been educated...) ;-)

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