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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Road Trip! (aka... we are nuts!)

So, we had been thinking about taking a trip to Ohio in September to visit Josh's family and go to the Tractor and Engine Show that his family goes to every year.

We had planned on flying, but in pricing tickets (at least right now) it is looking like it will cost us Close to $1500 to fly, then we would probably need a rental car, etc.

But then we started thinking "What if we drove?" Hmm...

So, doing the math, Gas would cost us max $1000 (and that's if gas goes up to $5 a gallon... we are estimating high.) And, we would be able to pack more, and we'd have our car. It would still cost less to do that and have Josh miss a couple extra days of work.

So the plan (for now) is to drive Straight through, leaving on a wednesday evening, so hopefully the kids would sleep the night in the car, then we will stop and have lunch with some friends in Ft. Collins, CO and then continue on driving overnight until we get to Indiana on Friday morning. We will camp at the Tractor show through sunday, then go to Josh's Grandparents house for a couple more days.

Then we will hopefully meet up with some friends in Cincinatti on Tuesday or wednesday, then drive down to see friends in Clarksville, TN and stay a day. (stopping on the way in Louisville to see the baseball stuff.) From Clarksville, we will drive Int. 40 home, stopping in Albuquerque, NM to visit more friends, then continuing home. (we will have an extra day coming back, so we can stop and stay a night somewhere and take it a little slower.)

I know, we are absolutely crazy, especially considering that we will have a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. Has anyone taken a long road trip with kids around these ages? Do you have any tips for me? (other than taking plenty of benadryl? hehe) It is definitely going to be a big challenge, but We think the money savings will make it worth it. (plus getting to see more friends.)

I can't wait! And yet I am a bit nervous... especially considering I will probably be pregnant by that time (whether just a couple months or more... we haven't decided when we will start trying...) But yeah... any advice? =)

Here is the map of our planned trip:

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