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Friday, June 3, 2011

SgBum Cloth Diaper review!

Somewhere in the middle of moving and having a baby, SgBums sent me some diapers to review. It has been forever, but I finally got the chance to try them out!

"SgBum cloth diapers are specially designed to be practical for parents and comfortable for babies with premium quality materials. As parents, we believe in value for money products, and hence providing good quality with affordable price has always been our mission."

I really like these diapers. They sent me the naturelle bamboo, the grande suede, and a diaper cover to try.

The first one I tried was the naturelle bamboo. This diaper uses 100% natural bamboo fleece as the inner lining next to baby’s skin, and a PUL outer. The leg gussets are also a great feature of this diaper, and provide double protection to prevent leask, and prevent red marks on the thighs.

This diaper worked great! It fit my 28lb 22 month old with plenty of room to spare. It was super absorbent, and we haven't had any leak problems at all. The lining is super soft, and something I would want against my skin!

It looks a little bulky, but i had both inserts in it. =)
no gaps!

The next one was the Grande Suede diaper. This version of SgBum Suede Cloth Diaper comes with big and generous cutting for chubby babies. It fits baby from newborn to 16 kg. It is designed not to appear bulky when worn. This Diaper also fit my son great. It was also very absorbent, and we haven't had any leak problems with it either. It reminds me of the Kawaii baby diapers.

This one was very trim!

I didn't get a chance to try the diaper cover, as I have no fitteds or anything to try it with! But, it looks like it would fit well over a fitted or prefold without being bulky. =)

Overall, my impression of these diapers is great! I would definitely recommend them! Waht to check them out for yourself? Head over to!

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Higgs Happenin's said...

thanks for the review. of all my many months of researching diapers I've never heard of this one!

Also i wanted to let you know I don't know if your blog button is working. You'll have to let me know. You can try it out from my blog I just copied and pasted straight from your box, I tried it a few times just to be sure it worked. Thought you'd like to know!