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Friday, February 11, 2011

Monster Factory Review

Have you seen the adorable things they have over at Monster Factory? I love them! They take monsters and make them cute and fun!

"The Monster Factory is a character toy brand run by Adam Dunn, Rhya Tamasauskas, and Bliss Man. Together they design and create engaging monster characters who live in a strangely familiar world. Combining their backgrounds in film, art, and fashion, the creators have developed a strong sense of collaboration that affects every aspect of their process from storytelling to product design. Their efforts have produced countless monster characters who, despite their appearances, are just like you and me."

Here are a few I really like:
Wayne: Wayne regards himself as a good listener but his attention has been known to wander.

Sebastian: Sebastian is Andy's older brother. He's been going through a bit of a melodramatic phase... for the past few years.

Donny: Ever the opportunist, Donny always has a get rich quick scheme in the works.

Monster Factory sent me 2 little mini monsters, Kyle and Todd, to check out. I have to say, I am impressed! The quality is very good, and they are just as cute in person as they are in the pictures! I know these will last a long time!

Do you want some cute and unusual gifts for your kids? I would highly recommend Monster Factory!

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Janine said...

Laughed out loud when I saw this post... My husband is Donny and our son is named Sebastian. Way too funny! Wish you were doing a giveaway for one of these cool guys. :) So cute.