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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Green Sprouts Review

I recently got the opportunity to work with i play to do a review on their Green Sprouts "sprout ware."

Sprout ware is multi-use disposable dishes and cutlery made from plants. All items are petroleum free and can be used up to 10 washings in the dishwasher or longer with hand washing.
They come in boy/girl sets stages 2-5+ (3 months to 2 yrs+)

I received the plate and bowl set, and the toddler spoon and fork set to try out. I have to say I really like them! The bowl has 3 compartments and it is really deep. I think Jack did better with the deeper compartments, and didn't spill as much out. The plate doubles as a lid for the bowls, and was really handy when I took lunch for Jack to an appointment. The plate by itself is also nice. The edges help keep food from falling over too, which is nice. The forks and spoon set was really nice too. The food stayed on them nicely, and he was able to hold them and feed himself without any problems.
(eating with the toddler fork!)

I like that they are petroleum free, but wish they weren't disposable! I have been hand washing them to prolong the life, so hopefully they will last a long time!

If you are looking for "green" baby and toddler dishes, I recommend checking out the Sprout Ware!

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