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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Tired...

I'm Tired...

I'm Tired of being exhausted and not being able to sleep

I'm Tired of being achy and congested all the time

I'm Tired of having to deal with screaming temper tantrums

I'm Tired of trying unsuccessfully to keep my house clean

I'm Tired of dealing with stupid companies whose mission statement should state that their goal is to rob you of all your money

I'm tired of barely scraping by

I'm tired of being cooped up in this house with a lack of places to go and it being too cold to spend much time outside.

I'm tired of feeling depressed and like I have so much to do and yet not getting anything done, nor having the motivation to do anything...

I'm tired of feeling like I am a bad wife and/or mom. (not that anyone else makes me feel this way...)

Thanks for letting me rant... I do have to say that I am thankful for my wonderful husband who works his butt off to provide for us and to allow me to stay home with our son even though there are days I wish I could be the one going to work... I love you babe, and please don't take any of this personally. ;-)

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My This N That Life said...

Thank you.

You may as well have been writing about my life. I appreciate your honesty!

Chin up, momma. I'm 3 kids in to this "mommy" thing...and trust me, I still have those days. I've only truly been a stay at home mom with this 3rd one. He's 10 months old. And no kidding, you just told my life story. The hardest part for me is the lack of "human" contact. (I know my kids are little people, but they're not HUMAN!) I think truly, though, that if we always felt like we were doing everything right, that's when we'd be really doing to most "wrong." So keep it up. You can do it!

I'm going to follow you on GFC. :)
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